Crypto and USDT for traders and importers.

USDT for Traders and Importers

Growth of Crypto Adoption Globally
Over the past few years, the adoption of crypto has been evident globally with Africa leading the way. Over the previous, year crypto uptake In Africa grew by 1200% according to a recent study done by Chain Analysis, a leading on-chain analytics researcher.

USDT – A dollar backed stablecoin

An often-cited critique of cryptocurrencies by the general public has been their fluctuation in value. This has given rise to the creation of stable dollar-backed cryptos such as USDT and USDC. These cryptocurrencies do not fluctuate in value and are pegged to the US Dollar. Therefore 1 USDT = 1 USD

How USDT is helping traders
A huge number of traders and importers are acquiring USDT in order to pay their suppliers abroad instantly and cheaply. This is due to the fact that other forms of transfers abroad e.g. bank, cash or western union are slow and expensive. USDT transfers are instant and very cheap and this has led to their growth in popularity in cross border payments.

How to acquire USDT

If you are a trader or importer we can help you acquire USDT today. Just reach out to one of our agents on +256705972117 / +254724881003 or visit our website and

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