Bitcoin Pizza Day Celebration in Uganda, Kampala.

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Monday, May 22nd 2023 was an internationally recognised day in the crypto space, celebrated each year as the day when a Bitcoin miner named Laszlo Hanyecz made the very first documented purchase of a commodity with Bitcoin. He is recorded to have bought 2 Pizzas at 10,000 bitcoin, worth $14 at the time and now estimated to be worth over $270 Million at today’s rate.

As it is now the culture, the crypto community in Uganda took part in organising this year’s Bitcoin Pizza Day celebration hangout, which is dubbed Bitcoin Pizza Day Hangout. Spear headed by Crypto Boot Camp Community, alongside other major partners in the community, this year’s edition took place in Kampala, at Zimbali Bistro from 4pm EAT. The purpose of the annual event is to act as a networking platform for the community, through interactions, referrals, crypto education, quiz moments and other fun activities.

This was the second year running that the Binusu Team was attending the annual event. We also carried out a Pizza Give Away opportunity on our social media channels, where a number of lucky winners won a pizza each, after answering a trivia question correctly in relation to the Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Overall, it was a network-motivated and fun-packed moment for the community to reminisce about the crypto genesis and this created an opportunity for fellow enthusiasts to share some of their future notions as well, for crypto and blockchain technology at large.

Let’s keep building the community, stay eager, informed and educate the rest of the world as our collective contribution to building the future of finance in Africa. We are keen on driving crypto adoption in Africa.

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