Binusu Entry into Kenya

Binusu in Kenya

The cryptocurrency is an ever-evolving market evidenced by new projects (tokens and coins), new businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to offer a new service or product in this nascent industry. In the last few weeks, the Kenyan market has been at the center stage of the world especially within the crypto ecosystems after Nairobi saw huge crowds of youths looking to enlist with Worldcoin cryptocurrency, in return to get compensated with attractive rewards in the form of the project’s cryptocurrency namely world coin.

Kenyans would get their iris scanned and get in return 25 world coins which was equivalent of Kes 7,000 at the time the coin was trading slightly above $2. Understanding this better, just imagine in the month of July to August the retail price of basic food commodities such as Unga/maize flour retailed between Kes 200 to 250 approximately $1.5 per 2kg of the flour. Hence, the Kes 7,000 would go a long way in feeding and paying for basic bills for most households in Kenya. We will have this conversation some other day and find out whether this was an exercise of exploitation or people just frustrated of the current hash economic conditions therefore looking for the next source of income irrespective of the lack of technological know-how. 

On to positive news, as this was happening, Binusu made an appearance in the Kenyan market for the very first time. We have been operating in Uganda for years now and looking to shape and build the future of finance in Africa. To achieve this as per its roadmap includes expansion into other African countries. Kenya is quite significant on the continent as a leading cryptocurrency market. No doubt we had our eyes set on the market as we seek to expand across the continent. 

Binusu Kenya

Binusu has an elaborate plan to be a key leader of the future of finance in Africa. This is apparent with the product scope of what we are offering our customers. This includes, a cryptocurrency exchange that is accessible via the company’s website under the Quick exchange icon, android application that has elaborate features which everyone should check out. Among attractive features why you should trade with Binusu include fast service, competitive rates and an option to be an OTC trader where you get to negotiate rates further with the team for any amount exceeding $5000. 

As a way of spreading the word about us and being your preferred go to education resource in the crypto industry, we joined a panel of speakers on a Twitter Space (now X-Space) that happened on Wednesday 9th August between 7PM to 8PM EAT. During this online conversation hosted by UmojaVerse, the focus was about Decentralized Applications (dApps) on Multi-chain Platforms: Possibilities and Limitations” Analyzing how dApps can leverage multi-chain platforms, the technical challenges, and the potential benefits.

We are looking forward to serving the Kenyan market with the best financial products and services in the market, as we shape the future of finance in the entire African continent.

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